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Well thankfully lockdown has a light at the end of the tunnel, because for me it stopped me doing what I love the most and that is being behind my camera taking professional quality photos of people and pets.
It's such a passion of mine, I love watching peoples faces when I show them the back of camera images that knocks their socks off, especially if they normally hate their photo taken.
With a huge wealth of experience behind me I offer fantastic deals to suit anyone's budget no matter how small, making me probably among the most affordable photographer you could wish for without any compromise on quality, along with great people skills and a great sense of humour.
For me it's all about creating fantastic final images you'll be sure to love, while at the same time enjoying the experience and having lot's of fun.
My photographic journey goes way back at the age of eleven to those good old B&W days using an old Kodak box camera with Ilford film.  I would jump on my home made push bike, go out and about taking shots of all sorts of subjects. Then rush home to process the precious film in my Darkroom (Mum's kitchen lol) with the windows all blacked out! And with the DIY red safelight, it all looked a bit exotic haha!
Then came the magic of watching them come to life in the developer solution dish.  Boy it was so exiting and rewarding, especially if I had that killer shot that was not actually blurred lol. As there was no seeing if the real image was going to be in focus or not, because unlike the more modern through the lens cameras, it was just a very small plain glass viewfinder.
As I got older and started to work, I saved like mad from my then highly paid £5 pw wages to get a better camera and an enlarger. Well many wonderful teenager years went by and disappeared just like the camera fund did lol, and it was on "honeymoon" yes honeymoon in Margate I bought my beautiful enlarger with some of our wedding gift money, ahhh, ain't truelove grand <BG>
I then became really bold and adventurous and started hanging around a Greek Orthodox Church in Camden Town London on a Sunday, asking the Bride and Grooms if they would mind me taking shots to learn more about wedding photography. They always said yes, as back in the late 60s there seemed to be more trust in peoples good intentions.
I always took there details to be able to show them my attempts, and low and behold after processing the photos myself and showing them to the couple back from their honeymoon, they said my shots were BETTER than the pro photographer! YEE-HA, this was music to my ears and very encouraging.

Children then came along and what with working self employed doing 3 jobs day and night my hobby took a back seat.  It wasn't till many years later with the kids all grown up that the urge to be behind the camera again emerged and quite strong.
Film was still the main medium being used so I bought my lovely Minolta 35mm camera and joined a well established high ranking Camera Club. Within the first year I won their club champion Silver Medal, (goodness knows why it wasn't gold) out of over400 submitted entries, and with the same image of a beggar in Egypt, won the Bywaters Camera Shop best image award including a badge which I still have both somewhere.

I left the club as they hated me winning all the time lol, and started doing mini photo shoots and weddings for people asking me to do so after seeing my work.
Fast forward to today, I have two flagship pro digital cameras with some top class lenses, plus some very good professional editing software's I just love using to bring lots of creativity to my images.
I have never disappointed anyone or let them down. and I strive to get a photograph that my clients will love and not just tuck away in a draw somewhere only to be forgotten.

It would be my pleasure and mission to try and make your special day or event come to life capturing those moments that can sometimes happen in the blink of an eye, but caught on camera forever. Or it could even be just a casual walk in the park with the dog and family, which normally turn out to be lots of fun the kids which the dog will love too.
So here is my number below if you'd like a chat about your needs including a fixed quote that will have no hidden surprises at the end making you pay for more images you really would like but maybe can't afford.
It is my policy and promise that however many images I take over and above the agreed minimum amount quoted for on the shoot, you will receive all of them FOC fully edited by email or on a USB stick with no conditions unless something is stated in writing before hand between all parties concerned.

I do have Public Liability Insurance and a DBS certificate you are welcome to see if the shoot involves children. 

I could go on and on, but for me a picture tells a thousand words, so why not take a quick peep at my Albums here and also on my Facebook page to see for yourself the versatile styles I can create or change to suit your taste in a picture not just mine.

MOBILE 07876 495034

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